Day: January 21, 2022

HEALTH BENEFITS OF LIVING NEAR THE WATER It’s no secret that life near the water has a lot to offer. Beautiful views, scenic drives, fun activities – But did you know that living near the water has health benefits as well? Doctors and researchers are finding an increased list of reasons that living near water is a good idea for the mind and the body. More than just something nice to look at or enjoy on vacation, living near the water can improve your health. Located outside of Tampa, Tessera of Brandon is the definition of life by the water. Learn seven health benefits of pursuing a vibrant lifestyle near the water below. 1. YOU BREATHE FRESH AIR. Air exposed to water – and especially seawater – is charged with a good amount of negative ions, this fresh air helps your body absorb oxygen. Fresh air is known to improve alertness and balance levels of serotonin, attributed to mood and stress. There is a reason we crave fresh air when we are experiencing something difficult. Fresh air is a healthy choice for the mind, body, and soul. 2. YOU STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Increased relaxation and decreased stress mean a strengthened immune system. A strengthened immune system better positions us to fight off illnesses, diseases, and unwanted health obstacles. Living near the water can achieve all of these objectives and more. And the best part? Once you live near water, it’s something you don’t even need to think about in order to benefit from it. 3. YOU SLEEP BETTER. Exposure to water is known to relax the mind and body unlike anything else. Consider how many people enjoy going to sleep at night to white noise or a sound machine. It’s difficult to dispute that the sound of water is helpful for a good night’s rest. In many ways, seeing or living near water helps clear the mind of unwanted distractions or unpleasant thoughts. All of this allows the mind and body to relax into a greater, deeper sleep. And the benefits of better sleep include greater rest and better rejuvenation each morning. Just being exposed to water on a regular basis improves health! 4. YOU INCREASE YOUR WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT. Plants and trees, especially those near water, are known to give off chemicals called phytoncides. When humans breathe this in, it results in an elevated white blood cell count, […]